A multimedia makerspace for language development and ELA knowledge building

Leveling the Field

Film allows students who struggle with paper/pen-based reading and writing to access information more readily and communicate ideas in a sequenced manner. 

Confidence Building

Students who lack confidence in sharing ideas with the class can rehearse, record, and re-record their ideas, so bolstering their confidence.

Aiding Comprehension

English Language Learners in particular benefit in developing context through film, as their comprehension is aided by imagery and visual sentence frames and their pronunciation by aural guides.

Upload content and add it to your videos.

Simple to use drag-and-drop editor.

Create independently or collaboratively.

Safe and secure environment.

Manage, display and share your videos.

Discover millions of rights-cleared multimedia clips.

Create videos on the subjects you're passionate about.

Lessons mapped to ELA and ELD/WIDA standards—plus science, history, and social sciences.

“Knowledge is the very medium of understanding while the words and wordings of a text are the tools that enable the reader to construct the understanding intended by the author.”

Comparing Reading Research to Program Design, Student Achievement Partners

Twig Education is an award-winning education media company providing digital and print resources to more than 60 countries and in 20 different languages. Twig comprises a team of teachers, filmmakers, writers, researchers, designers, academics, and students, all working together to create exciting and effective learning experiences. The company proudly partners with leading universities, including Imperial College London and Stanford, as well as with technology companies like Google for Education.


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